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VAT Registration in Moldova

Starting a business in Moldova implies completing various steps. Apart from preparing and filing the incorporation papers with the Trade Register, tax registration is another important aspect to be completed.

Companies and sole traders in Moldova can also register for the value added tax (VAT) and obtain VAT numbers. Even if this is not a mandatory requirement that needs to be fulfilled upon the company incorporation procedure, VAT registration is usually recommended.

Below, our company formation agents in Moldova explain the steps and procedure to be followed when applying for a VAT number.

What are the entities required to register for VAT in Moldova?

The Moldavian Tax Code contains specific provisions related to the levy and registration for value added tax purposes in this country. According to the law, the following entities and individuals are required to obtain Moldova VAT numbers:

  1. any individual or company deemed to supply VAT taxable goods and services can register for VAT voluntarily;
  2. individuals and companies with an annual turnover of at least 1,2 million MDL are required to register for VAT (the threshold was modified in 2018);
  3. companies importing and exporting goods in/outside of Moldova are required to register for VAT;
  4. foreign companies operating through subsidiaries and branches must register these entities for VAT purposes;
  5. foreign companies and individuals supplying e-services in Moldova are also required to register for VAT in this country.

It is important to note that the Moldavian legislation on taxation has suffered several changes in the past two years. One of the most important refers to foreign companies providing electronic services and that are required to register for VAT in Moldova. However, the VAT will not be collected from them until April 2020. Another important aspect to consider in respect to VAT registration in Moldova is that small businesses (micro-enterprises) are not required to obtain VAT numbers.

For complete and accurate information on the VAT registration procedure you can discuss with our company incorporation agents. They can also help you open a company in Moldova.

Documents required for VAT registration in Moldova

No matter if the taxpayer applies for a Moldova VAT number on voluntary basis or when reaching the registration threshold, the documents to be filed are nearly the same. According to the tax legislation in this country, a company must file a standard application form alongside information about its status as a taxpayer in Moldova.

Branches and subsidiaries of foreign companies must use their tax identification numbers obtained in Moldova in order to register for VAT.

Our Moldova company formation specialists can assist with the procedure of VAT registration no matter the chosen business form.

VAT registration in Moldova must be completed with the State Fiscal Department which falls under the supervision of the Ministry for Finance. The authorities will issue the VAT certificate in a few days after the application was lodged.

You can read about how to obtain a VAT number in Moldova in the scheme below:


VAT reporting requirements in Moldova

All companies registered for VAT in Moldova must file electronic tax returns. These returns cannot be filed no later than the 25th of the month following the reporting month. VAT reporting is made based on the invoices issued by the companies selling goods and services. For this purpose, they are required to issue VAT invoices and keep VAT records and ledgers in accordance with the local legislation.

Also, companies with VAT numbers are required to register invoices exceeding 100,000 MDL in the general electronic register of VAT invoices no later than 10 days after their issuance.

In order to help all VAT payers in Moldova to stay up to date with their financial obligation, we offer accounting services.

The value added tax in Moldova

The VAT is one of the most important indirect taxes in Moldova. Companies with Moldova VAT numbers are required to collect the tax from the final customer and report and collect it for the tax authorities.

The rates of the VAT in Moldova are:

  • – the standard rate which is set at 20% and levied on most of the goods and services provided in Moldova;
  • – the 10% rate which was introduced in 2018 and is levied on accommodation and catering services, as well as on food and beverages;
  • – the 8% reduced rate which applies to transportation services, delivery of dairy and bakery products;
  • – a 0% rate which is applied to specific transactions and supply of services.

We can also help you obtain EORI numbers if you intend to carry out trading activities within the EU.

If you need help in starting a company or registering for VAT in Moldova, do not hesitate to contact our company formation consultants.