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State Chamber of Registration of the Republic of Moldova

Company registration in Moldova is a simple procedure that involves a number of key steps. The final phase is the actual registration with the local authorities, once all of the documents have been prepared and the company founders have submitted specimen signatures along with the required personal identification documents. 

Below, our agents who specialize in company formation in Moldova answer some of the key questions regarding the actual registration of a business. Foreign investors who are interested in knowing more about the overall procedure for starting a company in this country, as well as the post-registration steps for the business, can reach out to our agents.

What is the name of the Companies Registry in Moldova?

The State Chamber of Registration of the Republic was the primary agency for the registration of all of the types of legal entities that can be incorporated in the country. The Chamber has merged with the Public Services Agency in Moldova and has undergone a reorganization process. This took place following a Government Decision, no. 314 dates 20.05.2017. 

The Public Services Agency now includes a special category called Legal Entities that refers to the registration of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs in the country as well as their licensing and authorization.  The Agency also provides information about companies. 

After registering a business with the Trade Register, companies should also consider obtaining EORI numbers in Moldova.

What are the services offered by the Public Services Agency?

In terms of legal entities, the Public Services Agency offers services related to company names as well as licensing for certain types of businesses and an online search tool that is further discussed in this article.

The Agency can offer services related to the company name search by examining the names proposed by the client. When the name is approved, it issues a certificate in this sense. The applicant must submit an online (or printed) name approval application and the service is subject to a fee (approximately 2 euros or 40 Moldova Leu for one name).

Investors who cannot be present in the country for this submission, as well as those who cannot submit the online name check, can request our services. One of our agents specialized in company formation in Moldova is able to make all of the needed submission through a power of attorney (general or limited), as required. 

What is the company registration procedure in Moldova?

Company registration in Moldova is a procedure that includes several steps. The company founder must provide several documents, both regarding the company itself and personal identification documents as well as specimen signatures. 

The Articles of Association of a company are the constitutive documents that are drawn up in front of a public notary in Moldova and that are signed in the presence of the notary by all of the founders of the company. They must include the following: the company name, the formation data, type of business, the amount of the total share capital and the amount of contribution of each shareholder, head office’s details and details regarding the way the company should be liquidated or reorganized. 

All of the required documents are to be submitted to the Agency for registration. Proof of payment of the various registration fees must be included in the registration file. Foreign investors should note that any documents in a foreign language must be translated into Romanian and that the Articles of Association for a new company will be drawn up in Romanian. Our team of agents can help foreign investors open a company in Moldova. We offer complete services that also include preparing the documents in Romanian. When needed, our team can work with an interpreter and a sworn translator, for a facile communication with the foreign investor.

Foreign investors can choose to register several legal entity forms and this choice is one of the first concerning the company formation process. Our agents can help you select an appropriate business form and then follow the incorporation procedure, as the registration requirements can be lighter for some business form compared to others (for example, they are lighter for the sola trader compared to the private limited liability company).

We can also assist with VAT registration in Moldova.

How can one search for information about a registered company in Moldova?

The Public Services Agency offers a special category of e-services that refer to obtaining information about a certain registered company. users may obtain an online excerpt from the State Registry as well as obtain the public data about a registered legal entity that is also included in the State Registry. Moreover, a company’s license can be checked via the online system.

In order to search for information about a company, the user must fill in an online form that will include the name of the company as well as the fiscal registration number. It is important to provide the number, as the company name has the option of auto-fill when the number is entered.

Interested individuals should know that the services are offered for a fee. One of our agents who specialize in company formation in Moldova can provide more details about the online platform and the information that is available to users regarding the registered legal entities. 

Companies in Moldova

According to the Public Services Agency in Moldova, the number of foreign-registered companies was as follows:

  • – 11,302: companies with foreign capital registered as of August 1, 2018.
  • – 1,746: of these companies were from Romania, as per the data provided by the Department of Registration and Licensing.
  • – 1,391: the number of companies with foreign capital from Italy registered in Moldova.
  • – 1,302: the number of companies with foreign capital from Turkey registered in the Republic of Moldova. 
  • – 1,154: this is the number of companies with foreign capital from Ukraine, at the date the statistic was published.

Other countries that have opened enterprises with foreign capital in Moldova are Russia, Germany, Israel, Cyprus, and the United States.

According to INDO.md, the online company search portal, the following types of legal entities are the most common in the country:

  • – the private limited liability company: 133,974.
  • – the sole trader: 99,924.
  • – closed shareholding company: 4,349.

The data about the business form is provided for companies registered between 1991 and 2016. As per the same website, the number of companies registered in the last month in the country was 365 and the current number of companies is 234,038. The website used as a source for the data updates the information regularly and uses date from the State Registry as well as other sources to build an accurate database. 

Foreign investors can easily open a company in Moldova with the help of our agents. As described in this article, the general requirements are simple and investors can start a company with relatively low costs, compared to other countries in Western Europe. Also compared to other locations in Europe, a company in Moldova will generally have lower operational costs, lower management, and employee-related costs.

Contact our agents who specialize in company incorporation in Moldova for complete assistance during all of the registration phases as well as proper counseling and support during pre-registration and post-registration. 

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