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Buy a Shelf Company in Moldova

Buy a Shelf Company in Moldova

Foreign investors who want to start a business in Moldova have several choices when it comes to registering companies. However, there is also the option of buying a ready-made company which enables one to bypass the entire company formation procedure by completing a few formalities with the Companies Register in Moldova and having a registered company at their disposal.

Below, we present to you the main steps for buying a shelf company in Moldova. With the help of our company registration agents in Moldova you can start a business here by registering a new entity of purchasing an existing one.

The shelf company – definition and features

The shelf company is an already-registered entity which has been kept on a shelf with or with no activity for the purpose of being sold. Shelf companies in Moldova are available for those seeking to start a business as soon as possible.

Those who want to set up a company in Moldova must respect the requirements of the Company Law. Under this law, any local or foreign businessperson can start a company as long as the chosen entity is registered with the Companies House. Shelf companies meet the registration requirements imposed by the Moldavian law, among which:

  1. they are entities regulated by the Company Law (in most cases, these are limited liability companies);
  2. they have one shareholder and one director (a basic requirement for most business entities here);
  3. they have registered addresses in Moldova (this way they are considered domestic entities);
  4. they are registered for taxation purposes and have tax identification numbers (some of them also have VAT numbers).

Before buying a shelf company in Moldova, it is good to verify it with. Our company formation specialists in Moldova can help you acquire such companies and can also assist in making the necessary changes in order for you to start your activities as soon as possible.

Steps in buying a ready-made company in Moldova

Once the investor has decided on a shelf company, he or she should first have it verified. If the company is OK, one can go ahead with the purchase by signing a sale-purchase agreement through which the shares in the company are sold. Once bought, the new owner must make various amendments. While some changes are mandatory, others are optional. For example, the new shareholder does not need to change the trade name of the Moldavian shelf company, or the registered address. On the other hand, the following changes will need to be made:

  • – the name of shareholder must be amended in the company’s Articles of Association and with the Trade Register;
  • – the director’s name will also need to be modified in the company’s statutory documents and with the Trade Register;
  • – when completing certain activities, the share capital of the company will also need to be increased;
  • – the main activity of the company must also be selected and licenses for it could be required in certain cases.

Buying a shelf company in Moldova does not take long, as the procedure can be completed in a few hours. However, it is also good to know that those who want to open a company in Moldova can register a new entity in a few days, the time necessary to make the amendments in the purchased company. Once all the amendments to the company were made, it can also apply for EORI registration in Moldova, depending on the activities the owners plan on completing.

Why buy a shelf company in Moldova?

Without a doubt, a shelf company has many advantages, especially when the selected type of company is a limited liability company. Among the reasons why investor purchase ready-made companies in Moldova are:

  • – saving time with the business incorporation procedure;
  • – for incorporating the history of an existing business (in another country) in the Moldavian company;
  • – to obtain loans (banks will verify the activity and the age of the company);
  • – to gain the trust of local customers and business partners;
  • – to have access to various contracts, including bids and auctions.

As mentioned above, shelf companies are often the choice of those who are in a hurry to start a business and our company formation consultants in Moldova are at your disposal with complete information and solutions about starting a company in this country.

Shelf companies come with Moldova VAT numbers.

Why invest in Moldova?

Moldova has become quite appealing to European and non-European investors thanks to the low corporate tax rate of 12%. Also, the country’s double taxation treaties network is quite extensive.

According to the Moldavian Investment Agency:

  • – in 2018, the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) registered a 4% increase;
  • – industrial production was one of the most prolific economic sectors representing 15.2% of the GDP in 2018;
  • – another important economic sector was agriculture which accounted for 10.2% of the GDP;
  • – agricultural production registered a 2% increase in 2018.

No matter if you want to open a company in Moldova by buying a shelf company or registering a new one, please contact us if you need help.