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EORI Registration in Moldova

Moldova is an appealing business destination for investors who want to take advantages of a legislation that favors them and who want to open companies in industries such as agriculture and trading. Those who open trading companies in Moldova will need to consider that this country is not an EU member state and when entering customs operations with a country that is a member an additional requirement is required: to obtain an EORI number.

The EORI registration procedure can be explained by our company formation agents in Moldova. We can help foreign investors who want register companies and obtain EORI numbers in Moldova for the purpose of trading with companies in the EU.

The Economic Operator Registration Identifier system

EORI stands for Economic Operator Registration Identifier and refers to a unique number assigned to all companies registered in EU countries that need to obtain such a number upon trading with other businesses in EU states. For Moldavian companiesEORI registration becomes mandatory upon their first interaction with one of the EU customs authorities.

Our company registration advisors in Moldova can offer more information about the EORI system and its importance within the EU.

Why are companies in Moldova required to obtain EORI numbers?

Even if when trading in non-EU countries, companies in Moldova are not required to register for EORI, when dealing with EU-bases companies, they too are required to obtain such numbers for the customs authorities to keep track of them. Moreover, EORI registration for a company in Moldova will imply much simpler and faster customs operations within EU territory.

It is important to note that there are various activities that can be completed following EORI registration in Moldova. Also, the requirements for obtaining such numbers are not available for companies alone, but also for sole proprietorships and even natural persons who engage in import or export activities.

The EORI number assigned to an economic operator is unique, therefore it makes the process of recognizing a business easier for the customs authorities. It also reduces the time required to complete various operations.

If you want to open a company in Moldova and are interested in how an EORI number can help you, our local representatives can present all the advantages.

You can read about the EORI registration procedure in Moldova in the scheme below:


EORI registration requisites for operators in Moldova

Even if Moldova is not an EU member state, registering a company for EORI is just as simple as for companies registered in EU states. The main requirement to obtain an EORI number is to have a VAT number, so it is safe to say that a business registered in Moldova will need to register for VAT before applying for registering with the EORI system (if the respective company is not a VAT taxpayer already).

The main steps for EORI registration in Moldova imply making sure the necessary documents to be filed with the customs are in place and lodging the application form together with the required paperwork via email or in person.

EORI registration can be completed via email (the recommend procedure) or in person upon the first customs operation through a designated person, this is why the documents to be filed can depend on the selected procedure.

Here are the documents required to apply for an EORI number on behalf of a Moldavian company:

  1. the application form issued by the customs authority in the country where the EORI number is requested;
  2. a copy of the identification document or passport of the person applying for the EORI number;
  3. the company’s VAT certificate and an extract from the Trade Register in Moldova with information about the business;
  4. holders of TIR Carnets must also submit a copy of their carnets with the respective customs authorities;
  5. other documents, depending on the status of the company can be required by the authorities.

It is important to note that the EORI number will begin with the country code of the EU state issuing the number.

We remind foreign investors who want to register for VAT with the purpose of obtaining EORI numbers that they need to complete this procedure with the Moldavian tax authorities, while businesses transporting goods based on TIR carnets need to register with the International Association of Transporters.

Trading statistics in Moldova

According to recent statistics, in 2018, Moldova:

  • – had a trade balance of 3,057 billion USD;
  • – in terms of exports, Italy was Moldova’s main EU trading partner with goods and services worth 309,657 million USD;
  • – in terms of imports, Germany accounted for goods and services worth 484,104 million USD;
  • – exports represented 29.29%, while imports represented 55% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product.

For assistance in EORI registration, please contact our agents in Moldova.