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Virtual Office in Moldova

Investors who open a startup or a small company that needs a flexible work environment often use a virtual office. With a virtual office in Chisinau, your business will benefit from the presence of a high-profile office at lower costs compared to a traditional office. 

Essentially, the virtual office is a physical business address that is used for company formation in Moldova as well as the primary correspondence address. This means that the address of the office building will be present in the company’s constitutive documents and also in the contact information.

The company that operates via a virtual office will be able to access the reserved office space as needed and will also have access to additional services, according to its needs.

Our company has a vast experience in company incorporation in Moldova as virtual office services and can advise company founders on the primary advantages of using such an office or their alternatives in case their businesses is not as suited to work via a virtual office.

The needs of the company, as well as its size, are important when choosing to work in this manner. In most cases, the package that includes virtual office services is suited to companies that have employees who can work remotely and they will benefit from not having to commute to their workplace. 

Investors can easily set up a company in Moldova and in this article, we present the main advantages of the virtual offices as well as the services included in most of these standard packages.

Investors who wish to know more about company formation, as well as the conditions for foreign investors, can reach out to our agents for a personalized consultation.

The advantages of a virtual office in Moldova

The virtual office can provide several advantages, among which we list the following: 

  1. Cost reduction: compared to the costs for the upkeep of a traditional office, those for the monthly or annual virtual office package are reduced. 
  2. Address: as previously states, the business will require an address that will be used for company registration in Moldova and for communications with the authorities and the clients. 
  3. Services: investors who work via a virtual office have access to many of the facilities of a traditional corporate space; high-speed internet, printers, office supplies, and others are included as per the chosen package.
  4. Suitability: this manner of running a business in Moldova is suited to companies of all types and irrespective of the business field; the company’s size might be considered when choosing whether or not to work in this manner.
  5. Flexibility: employees are not required to constantly commute to the office; this can lead to increased productivity. 

Investors in Moldova can find that they prefer these advantages to have to rent an office space or even purchase a property where they will conduct repair work, as needed, and convert it into an office. The choice depends on the company’s particularities as well as the number of employees. Large corporations may very well purchase a property in Moldova to accommodate their needs. This is also true for manufacturing businesses which, in some cases, will have a common space for the offices and the production line.

The virtual office can be suitable for smaller businesses, such as the private limited liability company that activates in business services, for software development companies or web design companies as well as for other types of businesses that are not dependent on their location. 

Virtual office packages in Moldova

The Virtual Office package provided by CompanyFormationMoldova.com contains the following:   

  • – Prestigious business: this is located in Chisinau for a credible and risk-free base for corresponding with clients.
  • – The office address: this will be the registered office necessary for company incorporation in Moldova.
  • – A local phone number: this will be a telephone number for Chisinau, Moldova that will give added credibility to the business.
  • – Mail collection and forwarding – the mail received at the address is collected, packages are signed for and sent to you according to your instructions either by mail, fax or email;
  • – Incoming and outgoing faxes – the company can use the local fax number at our virtual office location; morover, faxes are collected and sent to you, wherever you are.
  • – Voice mailbox – All of your voice messages will be forwarded to you by email and as per your specific instructions.

These services are commonly included in a virtual office package for investors who open a company in Moldova and choose a virtual office instead of a traditional one.  We can also assist with Moldova VAT registration services.

Companies can also request additional services, such as those exemplified below:

  1.   Dedicated fax service that will have a separte number from the main one;
  2.  Call redirecting – we can redirect calls as per your instructions on your primary number;
  3.  Collection of bank statements;
  4.   Extra usage of the meeting room.

Companies can arrange for the extra services, such as the meeting room usage, as needed on occasion. Most packages will include an annual fee, however, investors who prefer to maintain a certain degree of flexibility as to the included features can opt for a monthly fee. 

Most of the virtual office spaces available in Moldova are located in Chisinau, in modern and central buildings. 

Investors are interested in company incorporation in Moldova because of the low incorporation costs and the low costs related to company management. Below, we present a statistic referring to foreign investments in the country:

  • • in March 2019, foreign direct investment increased by 120,2 million USD;
  • • the increase in the previous quarter was of 51 million USD;
  • • in April 2018, the foreign direct investments value was 109.860 million USD.  

The virtual office can be the go-to solution for many companies. We invite investors to contact our agents who specialize in company formation in Moldova for complete details about working via a virtual office and the available packages.